MFN Lifting Systems

Leaders in Design & Manufacture of Lifting Equipment

tripod lifting system by MFN lifting solution supplier in South Africa custom lifting solutions in Johannesburg design and manufacturing with safety for gantries design and manufacturing for safe lifting equipment

Our Vision is to become the LEADING Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom and Standard Lifting Equipment within the industry. Our future relies on expanding our horizons beyond the borders of Southern Africa and ultimately into the international arena, where our expertise and vision will no doubt recognized.

Our Engineers have identified and continue to address outstanding issues to improve on Health, Safety and Best Practice Levels. With the vast experience at hand, we confidently progress forward, together with our Customers, into custom designing, manufacturing and supplying safe lifting equipment suited for the market. We maintain a high standard of Manufacturing Standards and Procedures to incorporate Design Specifications and Limitations.

Who we are

MFN Lifting Systems is a Design and Manufacturing Company, established in 2009. With more than 40 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the Lifting Industry, it was only a matter of time before the Design & Manufacture of Custom and Standard Lifting Equipment became a reality.

Look out for this brand name:

BIG Yellow Brand in Lifting

Our workshop is capable of incorporating any size of manufacturing project, situated on the East Rand, it is central to all distributing facilities.

The Tripod Lifting System

Tripod Lifting System
  • Easy to Assemble in 5 Steps;
  • Eliminates unsafe lifting practices by providing a stable lifting point, where cranes or overhead beams are unable to reach;
  • No more anchoring on roof bolts or slinging over beams that have not been designed as lifting platforms
  • Cut on Time Lost during shutdowns - waiting for Overhead Lifting Services;
  • Eliminates need for crane when unavailable.